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Welcome to internet dating agency - one of the brightest online matchmaking sites in the UK. Register FREE today with one of the finest internet dating agencies. We match you with the people you want to meet - it really is that simple!

Our UK only agency caters for you. Whether you're looking for a life partner or something more casual, we make dating online affordable and fun! lets you communicate without having to give out your contact details until you're ready.

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Pearmatch Dating Agency History was set up in 2000 wanting to be the best UK internet dating agency. We thought that starting a safe and secure internet dating agency would be useful and dating online seemed ideal to allow people to search from the comfort of their own home. We got the idea from a number of our friends who were single.

We knew there were lots of dating sites already but so many seemed to be just listing services, where you had to look through lists of people that you probably didn't have anything in common with! Many dating websites gave the impression of being "run out of the garden shed". We wanted to provide an internet dating agency with a wide variety of people for you to chose from in a safe environment.

Hence, was born. We're a great value agency allowing you to register free and view profiles of people that match with you. Dating sites may have people from all walks of life but our online dating agency has a really large database of current members giving you more choice than most other internet dating sites. So if you're looking for other professionals, for example, then we've probably got several people that might interest you already. doesn't target any one geographical area. That's the beauty of being online - you can be anywhere in the UK and we will probably have people not too far away that you would be interested in meeting.

While some people know how online dating works there are plenty who haven't tried using internet dating agencies before. To help you we wrote a complete guide to online dating agencies to get you started:

All About How A Dating Agency Works:

Why go online dating?
Who can I expect to meet through online dating services?
Making online dating work for you.
The dynamics of using dating services.
How much does internet dating cost and what do you get for it versus free sites?
I'm looking for love - are the Pearmatch dating services for me?

How To Start Online Dating:

Creating an online dating agency profile.
How about photos when online dating?
Should I change my personals profile every once in a while?
Looking for internet romances - get your profile just right first!
Experimentation is the key to using UK dating sites successfully.
What's important to you when internet dating?

How Do I Find Love?:

How should I reply to online dating messages?
Getting a conversation started when dating online.
Most personals sites should include this advice!
I want to be meeting single girls but how many messages should I send at one time?
How dating sites romances differ from meeting someone for 'real'.
All UK dating site relationships have to start like this!

Found Love Online? Let's Move This Along...:

Giving the right impression.
Why does an online dating site recommend asking so many questions?
Surely dating for parents can be made easier?
Online dating sites can't tell you who you should date but...
Hate Being Rejected? Searching for internet romance with an online dating agency may help you.
Leaving dating online behind.

Moving From Looking For Love On Line To For Real:

Getting together for real.
Online dating safely.
Where should we go? What can we do?
I don't want to say we met online.

We hope the above chapters help you make the most of internet dating agencies.