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Should I Break This Off?

While turning someone down after an initial contact through your online dating agency is pretty easy for most people it may be a good idea to take things a little further by exchanging messages a few more times just to make sure that you have 'read' the other person correctly. If you can't find anything in them that interests you by that point then it's fair to say that you probably aren't a match made in heaven and you will probably want to go back to your dating agency for some other matches!

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However, if you've progressed to the stage of meeting in person then you might also be tempted to end something after a first date. While sometimes this will be the best thing to do you must remember that we all get nervous on first dates and our nervousness manifests itself differently in different people. Some people can't stop talking, some people drink a little too much, some people clam up and don't say anything. Of course, it has to be down to your judgement but if you think that someone just needs to relax and be themselves then why not give them a second chance? Most people registered with their dating agency for one reason and that was to find someone special so they may be so excited or nervous that you just haven't seen their usual side - we don't mean their best side - you don't just live with their best side!

Of course, if you meet someone through your online dating agency that behaves really badly, perhaps is abusive or frightens you in some way (and that applies to both sexes) then you might want to consider reporting this to your service. It is very unlikely that this will happen but most agencies do have a facility to handle this problem. At this point you should break off all contact.

You may really want a long term relationship more than anything else in the world right now but you should not compromise on your wish list. If you are unhappy in a relationship but you consider that it's almost better to have some relationship than no relationship then you are selling yourself short. You deserve to be happy. So bring the relationship to an end as quickly as you can and move on to bigger and better things. Your dating agency will have many more people for you to choose from! So get back out there and find your ideal match.

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