dating agency
dating agency

Making A Dating Agency Work For You

Using any internet dating agency has a 'knack' to it and it's important for both men and women to understand what they can expect to happen when they subscribe to an agency. That way you can work out your own strategy for making the most of your subscription.

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As we have said before - more men than women register with any internet dating agency. Men are also more likely to make the initial contact than women. It's not always true but old traditions die hard! As a result it's not hard to work out that women tend to receive many more messages of initial contact than men. This then means for women that it becomes a full time, but very flattering job, responding to the initial contact messages. Ultimately most women simply don't have the time to respond to each and every message. As a result some men can't possibly receive a response to every message they send.

So the trick is for men to try saying something that stands out from the rest of the messages - but don't go over the top. Subscribing to a dating agency doesn't suddenly mean that either men or women don't have to try anymore! Because you're internet dating you have to think carefully about what you are going to write - after all it's the only thing that the other person has about you that can possibly make you stand out from the crowd. So make it good, interesting and give the other person openings for them to come back with questions for you - it's how conversations start!

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