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Internet Dating

Men are far more likely to try internet dating than women - so the simple answer to this question is yes. There are many reasons for this - but for the moment just accept the fact and use that knowledge to your advantage.

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The bottom line is that men still tend to be more outgoing than women and are more likely to start messaging women than the other way around. While times have and are still changing there are many men who believe that it is their role to do the asking and many women still believe it is their role to wait to be asked! This means that if you're a guy then you can't afford to sit at home and wait for women to message you - it may happen but you are reducing your chances of successful internet dating a lot. For guys - be proactive - get messaging. For girls - you may be able to be a bit more laid back about the whole thing if you want to be - you may even have a problem with too many messages coming through for you to handle! On the other hand, if someone's profile catches your eye then why not make the first move and let them know that you're interested in them by sending them a message.

This brings us on to another topic - if women are receiving so many messages through online dating how is a guy going to get his message noticed over and above all the others? We'll cover this in more detail later on but, as we've mentioned before, do add your photo to your profile and try to think of something interesting to say in your message. A quick "Hi my name's Paul - get back to me if your interested" just doesn't make interesting reading! You need to weave an interesting story that makes your match want to know more about you - but don't make the mistake of telling your life story - you need to have something left for your second and subsequent messages!

Online dating can be and is successful for many people but most people need to work at it at least a little bit to get the most from it. There's little point in being a wall flower or looking at what everyone else has written about themselves and then copying it - you need to stand out from the crowd. You need to show that you're different and make someone want to know more about you.

The other thing with online dating is that you can't expect to get a response to every message you send. You just won't be everyone's cup of tea - you know you're fabulous, it's just others haven't realised it yet! Seriously, some people will have stopped logging in so you won't get a response from everyone. Some people will have found someone and forgotten to take themselves off the service. Others may only log in occasionally for various reasons. You mustn't get disheartened if a few people don't respond. You should keep messaging your new matches as the days go past. Perhaps, if you're not getting the responses you think you ought to be, you may want to find time to rethink your message style again - more on that later ...

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