Dating Guide

Chapter 1: All About How A Dating Service Works

Chapter 2: How To Start Dating Online

Chapter 3: How Do I Find Love? Get Messaging...

Chapter 4: Found Love Online? Let's Move This Along...

Chapter 5: Moving From Love On Line To Dating For Real

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Found love online? Let's move this along...

If you've found love online then here we offer you some advice on how to get past the electronic messaging stage and into the real world where you can telephone each other or meet up in person. You can read the thoughts you should have when approaching this area together with timing considerations. We also give advice on talking about difficult subjects for you or answering, and asking, awkward questions.

The main thrust of this chapter is to get you into a position to meet up in person but we'll also cover the area of rejection. Not only how to cope with it if you feel you are being rejected by someone, but also how to end a relationship if things aren't turning out how you had hoped.

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