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Is E-mail Good For Your Romance?

Most dating services agree that email is a good way to help in starting a romance. Without it you probably wouldn't be able to get in touch with so many people or probably find out so much about them in such a short space of time. People also tend to be more open when they're able to remain anonymous. In fact, recent research has suggested that using online dating particularly empowers women with many people finding it easier to be themselves online.

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Other advantages are that e-mail is almost instantaneous and your e-mail account is never engaged or out for the evening, although if you use some of the web based free e-mail accounts such as Hotmail then you'll want to make sure that you delete some of your old messages to make sure you have space left for new ones. Having said that, space limits are much more generous these days so this isn't such a problem. Internet dating sites use messaging systems in different ways but many protect the real identity of people. We believe that your anonymity is very important. You wouldn't normally give your phone number or home address out to just anyone and so it should be the same when online dating. You need to be able to keep all of your real contact details a secret until you feel you can trust someone. That's why we never divulge any of this information to other users. You will only be known by your username on the site. How much contact information you want to give out about yourself and when you might volunteer this information is entirely up to you.

One thing that many dating sites warn of when using messaging systems is its immediacy - when you've pressed that 'send' button it's usually sent instantly. In a telephone conversation you can convey your meaning with a change in tone or a laugh and if someone misinterprets something you get the chance to correct it. You don't with e-mail. Remember that we suggested the use of emoticons - most people understand the basic ones - so do use them or another abbreviation such as (lol) after anything that you find humorous. Better to be safe than sorry!

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