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Internet Romance May Allow You To Worry Less About Rejection

Almost anyone who has ever considered asking someone else out will have had thoughts of rejection in their mind. It's no different here. Just because they're searching for internet romance using an online dating agency doesn't mean that they're desperate and will go out with just anyone. There are plenty of people who have successfully dated in the 'real' world that use an online dating agency. So do not enter into this with the expectation that everyone will say yes to your advances - they won't!

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Most of us, at some point in our lives, have probably known someone that we thought wouldn't possibly want to go out with us - an unattainable! By not asking you're probably going to end up 'settling' for someone that you think might go out with you and as a result always be slightly dissatisfied. The great thing about search for internet romance using a dating agency is that while no-one likes rejection at least you don't have to live with the fall-out that often happens in the 'real' world. Let's demonstrate: you message a potential partner and they write back and say 'thanks - but no thanks'. OK, disappointing - but not that bad. Compare that with say a new employee at your company who is considered to be highly attractive. You ask them out and get rejected. No-one need know - unless they tell a new friend who tells someone else... The only thing you can say is something like 'Hey, I only did what the rest of you were thinking.' Doesn't really help does it?

If you're frightened of rejection then an online dating agency is probably the least painful way forward for you. Remember, all it takes is for your invitation to be accepted just once - it could be enough!

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