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Who Should I Date?

Good question! We can't tell you exactly who to date. What online dating agencies can do is give you the potential to meet many more and different people than you would in your everyday life. You may have to date lots of different people before you find someone that you're happy with, especially if you're not sure exactly what you're looking for in a partner. Alternatively, you may end up just having to date one person.

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Your mother or your friends might have a wish list for you but is it the same as the list you made right at the beginning of this guide? If not, stick with your own! Dating agencies can provide you with the type of person you asked for but you need to work out who you're looking for.

Feel free to ignore the following advice but we think it makes sense. Don't date someone who just has the material things in life without anything deeper - it probably won't stand the test of time. It may seem exciting and different now but when you have satisfied all of your material wants, if there's nothing deeper, then what do you do then?

Just because you feel ready for a serious relationship doesn't mean that everyone you meet through dating agencies will be suitable. A few people have no intention of getting involved in a serious relationship - ever! Some others may be in a type of 'mourning' period following the breakdown of a previous relationship and just aren't ready to commit fully to someone else yet. However, a great many people are ready and looking for a serious long term relationship.

Don't over-estimate how much you can change yourself or someone else in the pursuit of happiness. Most people revert to type after an initial 'honeymoon' (no pun intended) period. Sure, everyone has to make compromises in their relationships but some are just too great and can destroy your own identity. Find someone that suits you as they are now and that you can be natural with - they are out there. If you can't find one with your current service then there are loads of other quality online dating services for you to try. Don't lose your heart to everybody that sends you a message - it usually takes time for a relationship to develop and you have all those questions that we talked about to ask first!

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