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Why All The Questions?

You registered with an online dating agency to find someone special and so did they so asking the questions shouldn't be a problem. If they're the right person for you then they will understand exactly why you're asking the questions and will probably be quite impressed with you for wanting to be sure about them. It shows that you're serious. They shouldn't take it in a negative way.

The other reason for using the anonymous messaging facilities of your online dating agency is to ensure that you can get all these questions over and done with fairly early on and before you meet in person. It sometimes happens that people fall in love with an image that they have created in their heads rather than the reality. If you have your list of questions and you're receiving the answers you want then you have every reason to be getting more and more excited as each message passes. Having the list should stop you from getting carried away on a wave of excitement when it's not justified though.

This is going to sound a little paranoid and most people that use an online dating agency never have to deal with any of the following but we're going to include it here as helpful advice. You might want to track responses that you receive from someone just to make sure that there aren't any inconsistencies in their stories. OK, shaving a few years off their age may, in itself, not be the biggest crime since time began but what else having they been less than truthful about?

It may help you to identify a potential problem for you early on if you keep a chart of the important facts updated with each message. If you see a pattern emerging then it may be wise to break off contact and save yourself the heartache. The purpose of this advice is not to make you suspicious of everyone that uses an online dating agency or to make you 'shoot first and ask questions later.' Just keep your wits about you.

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