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There are millions of single men and women in the UK today, all looking for that special person for friendships, love and maybe even marriage. In today's society it has become much harder to find that special someone, due to the way our lives are functioning. At Pearmatch dating agency, we understand and appreciate this - perhaps you are too busy at work or your social circle is largely made up of couples, perhaps you are recently divorced or you have children therefore, getting out and meeting new people is virtually impossible.
Whatever your reason for looking for love, you have come to the right place to become one of those couples by taking a positive step and joining Pearmatch; the liveliest online UK Dating Agency for bringing single people together in today's hectic society.

Chapter 1 - All About How A Dating Service Works

In this chapter we hope to show you the advantages and disadvantages of online dating, how dating agencies operate and the differences between the various services available. We also go into the dynamics of using dating services and what you can expect from them. We highlight things to consider when choosing between the different types of agencies.

You'll find out how much detail you can expect to get on your potential partners and whether you should use a paid for service or a free dating agency. This chapter should give you a thorough grounding in what you can expect and some of the terminology involved.

Chapter 2 - How To Start Dating Online

This chapter covers everything you need to know to create a great profile that other people will find interesting. It will also ask you to think about the type of person you are and what's important to you. It starts with the most basic stuff and advances through to asking you to decide on the sort of person you would like to meet - not always as obvious as it sounds!

We'll also consider whether you should add a photograph to your profile or not, how to experiment with your profile to help you end up with the sort of person you always wanted, and also some advice for spotting the less serious people using dating sites. We'll also look at some of the techniques available to make your searching easier.

  1. Ok - So you've decided to register with a uk dating agency - but who am I looking for? First decide who you are! - uk dating
  2. Now decide on the type of person your online dating service should be looking for! - online dating
  3. Things to bear in mind before using personals sites. - personal ads
  4. How to create a 'killer' profile - what should I put into my internet dating profile? - free dating agencys
  5. Now tell us the type of person you're hoping your UK dating site will put you in touch with - uk dating
  6. Things to leave out of your online dating profile! - online dating
  7. How long should my profile be - can it be longer than a personals ad? - personals
  8. If I start online dating should should I talk about my bad points as well? - online dating
  9. Should I include a photo when I register with online dating services? - dating services
  10. Can I post more than one profile be it a free dating agency or not? - free dating agency
  11. Should I change my personals web site profile every once in a while? - personals
  12. Looking for UK internet romances - get your profile just right first! - internet romances
  13. Experimentation is the key! - dating
  14. Why use dating services? - dating services
  15. Does it matter what I enter? - single girls
  16. What's important to you when internet dating? - internet dating
  17. Check out your competitors! - single girls
  18. Avoiding the liars and the cheats on free online dating sites! - free online dating sites
  19. What does all this mean? - uk dating
  20. How can I make my searching easier? - single girls

Chapter 3 - How Do I Find Love? Get messaging

Having looked at how to find the type of people you would like to get in touch with we now offer lots of great advice on how to get in contact with them. Using electronic messaging is at the heart of many dating agencies and learning how to get the best out of it is a bit of an art.

Making the first move on someone can be a bit of a daunting experience but we'll show you how it doesn't need to be that hard. We'll also let you in on how to avoid things going wrong by asking either too many or the wrong sort of questions too early. You will also find advice on what to do when you get a message from someone else!

  1. Learn the rules of messaging. - internet dating
  2. How should I reply? - personals
  3. E-mail advice for men and women. - single girls
  4. I don't have my own pc - can I use my work machine? - computer dating
  5. Making the first move... and getting it wrong! - dating
  6. ...and getting it right! - internet dating
  7. When should I make contact and writing for success? - dating single women
  8. Getting an e-mail conversation started. - internet relationships
  9. Do not ask these questions! - personals
  10. Should I send a message to several people? - single girls
  11. How does an internet romance differ from meeting someone for 'real'? - dating
  12. I got a message! What do I do now? - uk dating

Chapter 4 - Found Love Online? Let's Move This Along...

Here we offer you advice on how to get past the electronic messaging stage and into the real world where you can telephone each other or meet up in person. You can read the thoughts you should have when approaching this area together with timing considerations. We also give advice on talking about difficult subjects for you or answering, and asking, awkward questions.

The main thrust of this chapter is to get you into a position to meet up in person but we'll also cover the area of rejection. Not only how to cope with it if you feel you are being rejected by someone, but also how to end a relationship if things aren't turning out how you had hoped.

  1. Going 'outside' your service. - uk dating
  2. Is e-mail good for your romance? - dating
  3. ...Or can it give you the wrong impression? - personals
  4. Questions you probably want to ask sooner rather than later. - dating services
  5. How about the difficult questions? - dating agency
  6. Ask more questions! - dating agencies
  7. Why all the questions? - dating agency
  8. Surely dating for parents can be made easier? - dating for parents
  9. Who should I date? - dating agencies
  10. Do you worry about being rejected? - internet romance
  11. Am I being rejected? - dating agencies
  12. Rejection sets you free! - dating
  13. Should I break this off? - dating agency
  14. Ending the relationship. - dating agencies
  15. Leaving the internet behind. - photo personals
  16. Making anonymous phone calls. - dating agencies
  17. How should I start the conversation? - dating agencies

Chapter 5 - Moving From Love On Line To Dating For Real

This chapter was designed with real world advice in mind. From the obvious, but necessary, personal safety recommendations to deciding where to go on your first date. We'll also give you some ideas on how to answer those 'So where did you meet?' questions from family and friends if you don't want to say that you used a dating agency.

Having, hopefully, found your partner this chapter rounds everything off in such a way that you won't have cause to use a dating agency in the future. We hope you have found this guide useful and that you have found happiness along the way.

  1. Getting together for real. - dating agency
  2. The safety bit. - dating agencies
  3. Where should we go? What should we do? - dating agencies
  4. I don't want to say we met through a dating agency. - dating agency

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